“With support from my adviser and a few practice mock interviews.

I finally got the job I wanted!”


Part of the Skills Team Group of companies and focussed on delivering training and community and employment initiatives throughout the Island of Ireland.

At WorkPaths we believe that everyone has the potential to gain long term meaningful employment. We recognise that there are many barriers to confront, particularly for people who have been out of work for any significant length of time.

What you may not realise is that many of the barriers to employment can come from within and from our own life experiences. With the right support such as coaching and personal development you can overcome these and build a different future.

We deliver courses and individual services which promote and support the achievement of meaningful employment. We provide a unique programme of training and support, specifically tailored to your needs, which has been developed from our years of experience.

We work in partnership with local employers to ensure that you are given every opportunity to succeed.

Our staff work closely with our clients to understand their individual situations; we provide support and guidance for them to develop personalised plans. We use motivational interviewing techniques to support people in their career planning, to focus on their individual skills, and to draw upon their strengths to achieve their career goals.