Career Services

Career Planning

Not sure of your Career path?

Are you looking to change jobs, been made redundant or simply starting out in your career? Have you been thinking of setting up your own business then this session is for you. We discuss your current circumstances, potential job or business opportunities and draw up an effective and realistic job search strategy. Meetings can take place Face to Face on Zoom, Teams or WhatsApp.

CV services

CV review and CV writing

We begin by discussing your current situation, what your experiences have been to date and the type of role you are currently looking for. It doesn’t matter how many drafts it takes to get it right. The overall objective is to have an effective master CV that can be tailored to individual job applications.

Cover letter review

Get that cover letter right!

Cover letters are as essential to the job application as your CV itself. Nevertheless they often get left until last or overlooked when completing an application. This is a big mistake. The cover letter is your introduction to the employer, it’s your chance to introduce yourself, your unique skills and the qualities you will bring to the role. We will provide you with a master cover letter that can be edited to an individual job application.

Job searching analysis

Job search not working for you?

This session is ideally suited to job seekers who have been looking on the job market for a while and have been successful. We complete an in-depth review of your CV, cover letters and applications from you last 3 job submissions. We have a discussion on the types of role you are targeting and we will identify potential reasons for why you have not been more successful.

Your online profile

Make your LinkedIn work for you!

LinkedIn is a live document and as such must be kept up-to-date and refresh when applying for specific roles. Both employers and recruiters use social media to source for candidates if your online presence doesn’t match your CV and cover letter then it can be viewed as a negative or that you aren’t organised or up to date on technology.  We will help you put a professional and impressive profile together. If you have already a profile I can offer a full review of your profile with detailed recommendations.

Interview Coaching and Training

Shine at the Interview

This session provides training on how to effectively prepare for an Interview, it includes a mock interview with detailed feedback. Thus ensuing you have the skills and confidence to be successful on the day. We identify your selling points and what you specifically have to offer an employer. These sessions are tailored to an individual client’s needs. Meetings can take place Face to Face, on Zoom, Teams or WhatsApp.