Confidence Building / Personal Development

Our FREE course will give you a better understanding of how you can improve your self-esteem and confidence enabling you to apply and attain the job you want.

Recently Unemployed, looking for work, feeling deflated and lacking confidence.

Job searching while unemployed can be tough on our metal health, dealing with rejections and unanswered emails can make it hard to stay upbeat and positive.

This course helps you identify and reconnect with your own individual skills and strengths, while highlighting the tools required to improve on your current feelings of self-belief.

Guidance on how to proactively maintain your resilience in the current climate while also addressing the importance of self-compassion.

Our content addresses growth versus fixed mind-set, resilience in a prolonged period of job searching, how to adapt to the different labour market and increased awareness of job options.

Our classes are informal and engaging to easily facilitate open discussions and welcome all questions.