WorkPaths Employment Specialists can assist employers by providing expert recruitment advice to ensure a smooth and speedy recruitment experience and improve your candidate selection. WorkPaths service is available to all businesses across Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. As part of our bespoke recruitment service, we:

  • Provide one to one consultation with the employer to establish the role itself and identify the right candidate
  • Provide ongoing support to the employer and the client
  • Provide advice and guidance on grant subsidies and welfare payments available to both the employer and candidate
  • Work closely with all Employers, assessing their business needs
  • Helping employers overcome the challenge of recruiting and retaining staff.
  • Match the competencies and the skill requirements identified by our Employers to individual clients, ensuring they are prepared to meet employer expectations.
  • Provide training to candidates to ensure they are ready to start employment without delay.
  • Ensure that each candidate is assessed prior to interview selection and have a full understanding of employment terms prior to meeting the employer.

WorkPaths have Employment Specialists in a variety of industries including Hospitality, Health Care, Facilities, Administration, and Finance. Working with WorkPaths will truly effect positive change in the life of the community and maximizing the creation of shared values through collaboration. If you are interested in reducing your business cost and want to recruit and retain committed staff members, WorkPaths is here to support you.