Interview Coaching and Training

WorkPaths Interview Coaching and Training is a unique service, we will take you through the interview process making sure that you feel confident and well prepared for your interview.

We offer this coaching service with industry experts to help give you the winning formula.

In our interview coaching sessions we will show you how to plan and prepare for every interview and learn how to handle every style of interview.

  • Your professional interview coach will provide 1:1 training and coaching on how to effectively prepare for any interview. The coach will run a mock interview session with real interview questions specific to your industry and provide constructive and detailed feedback on how you can improve or adapt your responses to improve your chances for success.
  • We will teach you techniques so you can highlight and share your previous experience and relate it to the role you are interviewing for. We identify your selling points and what you specifically have to offer an employer. And provide you with techniques to ensure that you are fully answering the employer’s questions, along with demonstrating how you fit their organisation.  
  • Our Interview coaching sessions are especially useful for people who have yet to attend a job interview post COVID as the majority of interviews are held via online platforms and there is a lot to consider when attending an interview in this manner.
  • Our services are designed for those working front line to senior management roles, if you have not attended an interview in a while, or have attending interviews but are not securing the roles then we can help.
  • Our interview and coaching sessions ensure you have the skills and confidence to be successful in your interview.

These sessions are tailored to each individual’s need. Meetings can take place Face to Face, on Zoom, Microsoft Teams or WhatsApp.


Interview Package


  • Mock interview and feedback
  • This package focuses on the information sent through email or presented on your CV and can be focused on a particular role or industry.


Interview Package


  • Bespoke to a specific role
  • Application & Job Spec review
  • We will create an interview with a style similar to the role applied for and provide feedback to ensure you are fully prepared for interview