Job Search Techniques

Our FREE course will help you learn how to use your phone or laptop to find jobs. You will be able to use the latest job search tools and techniques to successfully find the role you want.

Looking for a job can be a daunting task, if you have recently become unemployed and need help, our job search session will support you to learn how to find live jobs without wasting time.

We will show you what sites to use, how to set the job alerts specific to your experience and skills.

Our course will help understand the process and the tools available so you can effectively job search.

We focus on better understanding the current labour market, what jobs are being advertised and the importance of targeting your searches. We cover the local and wider labour market and what skills employers are currently looking for.

We offer tips and techniques on how to use social media to your advantage, appropriate email addresses and how to complete application forms.

Our classes are informal and engaging to easily facilitate open discussions and welcome all questions.