Interview Skills – Mock Interview

Our FREE Mock Interview service will give you tips and tools to prepare for an interview. Our Experienced Job Coach will take you through mock interview scenarios. You will be provided positive feedback to ensure you are ready to perform your best at interview.

“Failing To Prepare Is Preparing To Fail” Benjamin Franklin

If you are recently unemployed and attending a job interview is vital to prepare and practice your interview skills.

Our Mock interview session will help you practically prepare for interview. You will work with our expert Job Coach who will run you through an interview session.

We will cover how to answer common interview questions, advice on what is expected and detailed techniques that will provide you with a high standard of interviewing abilities, our course aims to boost your interviewing confidence.

Interview styles, requirements, and expectations are covered, highlighting the skills needed to improve your chances of success in obtaining a job offer and reduce any concerns regarding the interview process.

This course gives you the opportunity to practice your interview skills, while receiving feedback on your strengths and weaknesses.

We aim to provide the tools required to achieve success in your next interview.